8 changes Kha can help you with

8 changes Kha can help you with

If you’ve worked with us before you’ll know you can pick up the phone or drop us an email any time.  But whether you’ve worked with us before or not these are our 8 occasions we think you should definitely get in touch.   1. A key part of your marketing team is...

6 Ways Print Management can save you time and money

Print Management is what we live and breathe. That’s how we know that the printing itself is actually a small part of the whole process. There’s graphic design, copywriting, materials selection, sign off, demand planning, printing, quality checking, packaging and...

Internal Communications and Merchandise – Case Study

Our long running client, Graham Plumbers Merchant, has a fantastic corporate culture which focuses on Environment, Health and Safety in the work place. They make it part of what they do every single day and it’s a key part of their internal communications. To maintain...

Halloween Horrors in Marketing

It’s Halloween! Witches, vampires and ghouls are no match for us at Kha. But there are a few things which give us a fright. Since it’s the season for terror we’re sharing a few common marketing mistakes that give us goosebumps!   “doing social media” without a...

Marketing for the Midlands

If you’ve made it to our blog you already know Kha are a Midlands based Marketing Agency in Hinckley, Leicestershire. It’s a small town about half way between Leicester and Coventry and a quick jaunt south of Birmingham.   What you may not know is that we made a...

Using memes in your social content

Businesses are increasingly using memes in their social content and it’s easy to see why. In the ever demanding world of content creation they can be a fast and fun way to increase brand awareness, brand loyalty and drive traffic. If you’re considering adding memes to...

Getting your agencies to play nice together

Workloads can increase in a second. Having the capacity of more than one marketing agency behind you can be priceless. Our focus on Midlands based clients means we've crossed paths with lots of our local competitors. We’ve found ways to deliver great work in...

5 Questions to ask your first marketing agency.

Since our clients are usually looking for growth we’ve worked with many people who have built their business with their own blood, sweat and tears. But inevitably as the business grows so do the demands on their time. They’ve achieved a lot on their own, but often the...

6 Signs it’s time for a rebrand.

In our first ever blog we walked you through our own brand development journey to create Kha Agency. This time we thought we’d share our top 6 reasons it might be time for you to rebrand.   1) Does your brand make what you do clear? Dig into your website...

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