About us.

Why we swim against the tide.

A full service marketing agency based in Leicestershire, we serve businesses all across the Midlands. Our clients are a diverse mix of heritage brands hundreds of years old, start ups, retail giants, family companies and experts from the service industry.

In theory, what we do isn’t so different from other agencies. But why we do it really drives our success. Founded in 2009 our Managing Director set about creating an agency that delivered the things that matter most to him: honesty, straight-dealing, reliability and service. It’s a simple premise but one which has helped us grow sustainably.

From the very start we chose to work with clients whose operations or head office were based in the Midlands. We’re proud of our neck of the woods! This focus means clients can always speak to, or meet with us. Less time on trains, planes and automobiles translates into more time for our clients.

We take huge pride in working smarter not harder. It’s not always easy to find the right balance. But by being efficient and organised we offer clients a dedicated team with the time and energy to deliver high quality service. Plus it keeps us affordable.

For some of our clients, working with a marketing agency for the first time can be daunting. Especially if you’ve grown your business all by yourself. We’ve helped many clients take that next big step. Our goal is to build long term partnerships to help you grow your business. Put simply if you don’t grow, we don’t.

Other clients have not only worked with agencies before, they work with multiple agencies and have sizeable budgets. The last thing they need is to be peacemaker between two agencies hostile to each other. Having collaborated with agencies and freelancers from all across the region we know how to make it work and are happy to partner with agencies and your in house teams.

Why Choose us?

Work with Kha and we will always…

Stay Close

We only work with clients based in the Midlands.

If you want a real human?  We can be there. Fast.

Keep it simple

We don’t do jargon, tech speak or vague pricing.

We like to keep things clear.

Play nice

Need us to work with other agencies or partners?

No problem. We’ve been doing it well for years.

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