If you’ve worked with us before you’ll know you can pick up the phone or drop us an email any time.  But whether you’ve worked with us before or not these are our 8 occasions we think you should definitely get in touch.


KHA can help with change1. A key part of your marketing team is on leave.

It’s amazing (and scary) how much of a gap one person can leave in a team. If you’re faced with losing a team member temporarily due to illness, parental leave, sabbatical or there is any other reason for a change, then drafting in a marketing agency to bridge that gap can minimise disruption and ease the pressure on the employee to return too soon.


2. You want to try something you’ve never done before. 

In the information age anyone can learn a new skill. But learning that skill in theory and applying it practically are two very different things. Working with an experienced agency can help make sure that your first foray into something new to you is both effective and stress free.


3. Change is happening in your organisation. 

Increasingly organisations restructure. Responsibilities are adjusted and refocus happens. In these cases, your people will need time and head space to readjust or learn new things. Relying on a marketing agency to deliver some of your ongoing work during periods of change, can give your team the best chance at adjusting.


Call Kha4. You have a big event coming up.

Maybe it’s your annual conference? Or a big initiative to land? Maybe seasonally you see a change in your work load? (looking at you Santa) Whatever the reason, drafting in an agency who can hit the ground running and take on some of the workload while you focus on other things is a sensible way to prevent burn out and maintain output.


5. You’d like to bring new skills in. 

At Kha we focus on delivering sustainable business growth for our clients. We use our creative and analytic skills to deliver what you need at the right time, even if that’s in the short-term. But if long-term you want to bring that skill in-house and change what you do then we will work with you to train people and implement new processes.


6. You’re not quite ready to hire someone.

When your business expands or diversifies you’ll start thinking about hiring more people. But it can be a grey area. How do you know there is enough work and profit to justify adding to your head count? What if you hire a permanent employee too soon and end up paying for someone you didn’t really need? The great thing about agencies is you can switch them on and off again whenever you need, so they’re a great addition to permanent staff.


7. You just want some marketing or business advice.

It’s ok to get in touch to ask for some guidance. We won’t charge you! If you’re unsure of what you need or what direction to go in, we’re more than happy to listen and give you our thoughts.


Cat for Kha8. You have a really funny video of cats to show us.

That one is self-explanatory. Seriously. Get in touch.

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