Save time with Print ManagementPrint Management is what we live and breathe. That’s how we know that the printing itself is actually a small part of the whole process. There’s graphic design, copywriting, materials selection, sign off, demand planning, printing, quality checking, packaging and delivery to the right place and right person. All of which needs to be done to budget.

So from a time management perspective alone working with a print management agency makes a lot of sense.


But there’s a lot a more to be gained – here’s our top 6 benefits to working with us for your print management.


1. Visibility of your print spend.

Do you really know what your business spends on print? If you don’t, how do you know if you’re getting a good deal? Does your business have a print budget?  It’s unlikely, because printing tends to fall within departmental budgets. Working with us will give you end to end visibility and control of what you spend.


2. Reduction of your print spend.

Once you know what you’re spending the next step is to identify ways to reduce that spend or spend it more wisely. There are lots of ways to make efficiencies without reducing quality or volumes. We can analyse your printing processes and costs and help you implement changes.


3. Maintain brand integrity.

For some reason, we humans love reinventing the wheel. We can’t help but add our own ideas and flair to the things we create. And whilst we at Kha applaud creativity for many of our clients we act as the last stand in brand integrity. We can work with multiple stake holders in your business to ensure everyone is creating on brand, high quality print assets.


4. Save your space with our storage.

If you’ve seen the boom in the storage industry over the last few years you’ll know that space is increasingly a valuable asset. We can store your printed materials be it posters, point of sale, stationary, promotional goods or even exhibition materials in our secure, environment controlled storage facility.


5. Print delivery – at the right time, to the right place.

If you have multiple sites or run multiple events, you’ll know the pain of having to track print assets down. Searching through delivery bays or warehouses, contacting couriers, figuring out who’s messy scrawl is on a proof of delivery notice – they all take up your time. Not only do we select our couriers very carefully but in the event anything doesn’t go to plan just let us know and we’ll do the leg work.


6. Specialist print marketing advice.

Do you know your litho-printing from your laser? What about the latest innovations in promotional merchandise and point of sale? Luxury print finishes? Short print runs? Probably not. And why should you? Just tell us your idea, concept or call to action and we can give you the best options to choose from.

Not sure if print management will help you? Get in touch for an honest and no obligation chat.

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