Internal Communications MerchandiseOur long running client, Graham Plumbers Merchant, has a fantastic corporate culture which focuses on Environment, Health and Safety in the work place. They make it part of what they do every single day and it’s a key part of their internal communications.

To maintain focus, every year they hold a Graham EHS Day – one day of the year with special activities, training and communications all about Environment, Health and Safety.


We have supported these days for many years now and every year we work with them to communicate in new and different ways. This year we supported them with:


Safety First, Puzzle Books

A light-hearted activity for break times and staff rooms. These booklets feature crosswords and puzzles all about important EHS topics.  A different way to focus your team’s attention and reinforce your more formal internal communications.



Near Miss Discs

To encourage employees to report things which could cause an accident, these near miss discs are a break away from the usual rectangular form. Any internal communication can become background noise if always presented in the same format.  The novelty of a different size and shape can bring back the focus.



Branch Standards Booklets

When it comes to being organised and tidy, we could all do with a little reminder every now and then. These branch standards checklists feature everything that needs to be done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We printed these double-sided and A5 to make them easy to use when walking around. Thinking about how your print assets will be used is crucial to making them a success.


Branded Water Bottle

Water Bottles

To get beyond just suggesting people stay hydrated, these branded, high quality, water bottles provide the tool to do it. They’re more cost-effective than you might think and will last long into next year and beyond. Water bottles are an increasingly popular way to promote your brand or a health message. These ones will keep staff hydrated and create brand exposure when used outside of work.



Hydration CardsHydration Cards

Speaking of hydration, these quirky double-sided and laminated cards show how to check your hydration level through the colour of your urine. Because Graham Plumbers Merchant are a construction trade business we regularly help them deliver internal communications and marketing that generate banter and discussion. Doing so helps spread the message organically and makes it memorable.


As well as printing all the materials and merchandise for the day, Kha packaged and distributed the bundles to every one of Graham Plumbers Merchants branches – that’s over 150 locations nationwide. Branch feedback has been very positive and we look forward to supporting Graham Plumbers Merchant throughout the year to come.


If you’d like some advice on how to make your internal communications stand out or if you’re looking for some branded promotional goods then please get in touch.

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