In our first ever blog we walked you through our own brand development journey to create Kha Agency.

This time we thought we’d share our top 6 reasons it might be time for you to rebrand.


1) Does your brand make what you do clear?

Dig into your website analytics, your inbound sales calls and feedback from existing clients. Are people confused about your business? Do you receive interest from clients about things you don’t do? Are your existing clients unaware of everything you offer? If so it’s time to rebrand.


2) Are you attracting the kind of clients you want?

Your product may be aimed at the luxury market but if your brand looks basic, you’ll struggle to attract the clients you want. Similarly, if your business model relies on customer retention and loyalty then your brand needs to create emotional connections.


3) Have you changed or diversified your strategy?

Diversification or straight up changes in strategy are often needed to keep businesses successful. If you’ve taken a new strategic direction and your brand doesn’t reflect the change both prospects and existing clients could end up confused.


4) Do you have a competitive edge?

Does your business stand out amongst your competition? Does your brand demonstrate clear reasons for people to choose you not your competitor? If the answer is no you could be creating more work for yourself when trying to win business.


5) Is your brand outdated?

We’re not saying you should change your branding to keep up trends. But inevitably what made you seem relevant ten years ago may not be doing the same for you now. Be objective, keep anything that works well for you and change anything that could be holding you back.


6) Are you keeping up with technology?

Your logo you have that looks great in print, might not look so good on your website or on your company vehicles. Your brand should work hard for you across all your customer touch points. Even a seemingly small weak link can damage your entire brand.


Is there another a reason you’re considering a rebrand? If you’re looking for advice please get in touch.

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