What were you like 8 years ago?

At Kha we’ve changed a lot! (no comments about wrinkles please)

We started in design and print but our growth has come from expanding in to email, web design, social media, PR, consulting and other services.

The downside to all this growth? We got so busy helping our clients with their marketing and PR we accidentally forgot to tell anyone about it. It’s the old adage, a decorator’s house is always the last to get painted.

At the start of this year we committed to practicing what we preach. We put Kha Design through the very rebrand process we offer our clients. In doing so we created the Kha Agency.

We made this handy little graphic explaining how we did it.

And here’s a breakdown of the detail.

Facilitation Acorn

1) Strategic Visioning Workshops

Before any kind of rebrand we advise our clients work with our in-house facilitator via workshops. We were no different. She helped us really add the detail of what the business will be in ten years time. From our premises, our service offering and even the shoes we’ll be wearing when we do it, we dug deep into what challenges we’ll face and how we’ll overcome them.


Audit Acorn 2) Audit

Of course before you can rebrand you have to know where you’re starting from. Once we knew who we wanted to be in the future we took a good hard look at ourselves today. Where were the gaps? The opportunities? The threats? We used our market research skills to do a full audit and market analysis



Strategy Acorn3) Strategy

Once we knew where we wanted to be and where we were then the real strategic planning began. Again we worked with a facilitator to make sure we were objective and detailed. Being gently but firmly challenged on our assumptions and vague ideas helped us create the best possible strategic plan.



Brand Development Acorn

5) Brand development

A rebrand is so much more than just a new corporate identity. Making big decisions about the look and feel of your own business can be tough! Fortunately our whole team know how to challenge each other to get the best from each other. There were definitely disagreements but we embraced them! Diversity of thinking is what we do at Kha.


Creative Acorn6) Creative

The ‘fun’ part of course! But translating our rebrand into copy, merchandise, artwork and even uniforms requires a lot of thinking and decision making. It’s easy to get decision fatigue. What helped us stay cohesive was building our brand guidelines as we went. Having one place with all our decisions in kept us consistent. And moving forward those guidelines will speed up future work using our brand.



Website Acorn 7) Website

Our new website is the hub for our brand moving forward. We’ve designed it specifically to be easy to navigate and to provide a wealth of resources. There will be regular blog posts and the odd giveaway. We’re pretty proud of it but we’d love to hear your feedback too


Social Media Acorn

8) Social media

Truth time: we’d neglected our social media channels. We hear from so many of our clients that finding time to engage just doesn’t happen. We get it! But we also know that clearly defined objectives and a detailed plan are key to social success. So with both those in place we’ve relaunched our LinkedIn and Twitter pages and added a Facebook page too.


Print Acorn9) Print

Of course we rebranded all our print materials. The obvious things like invoices, leaflets and even packaging tape. But we took this opportunity to really think about what we wanted to say in print. We created the graphic story presenter above as a quick and different way to share our process. And we followed our own advice on FSC materials.


Rebrand Kha Agency Logo10) Launch

We have a launch giveaway coming soon so watch this space. But if you’re reading this we launched our rebrand on time and in full. In fact while you’re reading we may be having a little rest. But not for long. We have big plans for 2017, for both Kha and our clients.

We’d love to hear your thoughts – why not use our comments form below?


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