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If you’ve made it to our blog you already know Kha are a Midlands based Marketing Agency in Hinckley, Leicestershire. It’s a small town about half way between Leicester and Coventry and a quick jaunt south of Birmingham.


What you may not know is that we made a decision to focus on  clients fully based or with their head office based, in the Midlands. It’s a decision we made at the very beginning.


Even as remote working has come into fashion and there is technology galore to keep you connected, it’s a decision we’ve stuck by.


Why focus on the Midlands?


Our founder, Craig Hartlett, spent his formative years in the print trade visiting clients up and down the country.  One of his biggest realisations (apart from which hotels to avoid) was that the most innovative and long-term client / agency relationships are those where the client gets to meet and see a human being regularly.


Now we’re not knocking the thousands of marketing agencies out there who don’t follow our mould! We’re not starting any agency wars! But as a marketing agency Kha is focused on delivering sustainable growth for our clients. That requires long term, strategic partnership. It also requires change, agility and trying something new – all of which require a certain level of trust.


And there’s no getting around the fact that trust is built best when face to face. Of course you have to deliver what you say you will. Equally important, you have to actually know what you’re doing. But in our experience, it’s especially vital for clients targeting growth to have a human being on hand when things don’t go to plan. Or even just to check in with regularly.


KHA Client Focus

Building trust

A Creative Team focused on you.


To complement our face to face customer service, we’ve built a team that’s big enough to manage multiple marketing projects and diverse enough to land creative results.


For our clients, all this adds up to the personal touch. It means your work won’t get de-prioritised or delivered late if something bigger or “flashier” comes in. (yes it happens in agency land!)


It means being able to talk directly to your graphic designer, copywriter, web developer or anyone else working on your project. Crucially it means attention to detail and being able to rely on us to deliver exactly what we said we would, because we don’t over stretch ourselves. We make sure we’re available to you by not being all over the country on trains and planes.


We know there are lots of ways to run a successful marketing agency and our way may not be the best way for everyone. But for Kha we’re proud to focus our time and our attention on the Midlands and our clients.


If you’re looking for support with your business growth please get in touch.


(photo credits – Atkins Building and Dayne Topkin)


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