It’s Halloween! Witches, vampires and ghouls are no match for us at Kha. But there are a few things which give us a fright. Since it’s the season for terror we’re sharing a few common marketing mistakes that give us goosebumps!


“doing social media” without a content creation process


Marketing MistakesYou’re going to post engaging and relevant content every day to build up a warm audience? Awesome! Where is that content coming from? How will it relate to your SEO strategy and your sales funnel? Where will you source quality images? How will you monitor what’s working and what isn’t? Behind every successful social media profile or campaign is a detailed process of research, strategy development and quality content creation. All of which takes time and needs a defined, easy to follow process. Just hoping the content will work, never works.


“doing a leaflet drop” without a targeted location

As print experts we regularly produce leaflets or flyers. Before we start the design process our first question is “where are the leaflets going?” We start to feel a little queasy when we hear “we’ll just post them locally” That could be a good idea, if your target clients are EVERYONE who lives locally – for example if you’re a convenience shop. But if your target market is more specific than that, say independent builders or small businesses needing accountants, then you have to ask yourself how many of those, realistically are there “locally?” It’s vital you invest time in understanding where your target audience is and how best to use your leaflets.

“doing email” without segmenting your email list

Marketing Advice“We’ve got ten thousand people on our email list and we’re sending them all the same marketing email” Stop! Don’t do it! Nothing annoys people quicker than content that’s not relevant to them. Depending on what call to action you have, you must target prospects and customers with different messages to move them along your sales funnel. A prospect doesn’t need the same information a regular customer needs, to encourage a sale. You wouldn’t have staff shouting at customers about products or services not relevant to them, so why do it electronically?

“doing a rebrand” without internal communications

You’ve spent the entire rebrand process thinking about customers and prospects. You understand what they want and you’ve built your new brand around it. Great! The fact is though, if you haven’t brought your internal customers (that’s your employees) along on the journey then you could hit trouble. Practically speaking if there is a new website, merchandise, uniforms or anything else that employees need to do their job, then they need to know how to access and use those assets. Crucially though, if they are not bought into the rebrand and what it stands for they won’t communicate that new brand message to your customers and your work could be undermined. Remember internal marketing can be just as important as external marketing.

“doing a launch” without a pre-launch marketing plan

Build it and they will come right? Wrong. No matter whether you’re launching a new physical business or branch, or a new digital business or service you have to put the ground work in long before you launch. You only get one attempt to make a first impression. Prior to launch you should be identifying prospects, contacting them to build excitement for the launch, offering them reasons to engage with you, encouraging them to share your news in their own network and building relationships through targeted marketing so that you can start to recoup some of your investment the second you open. Waiting until after launch to put in all this work will impact how quickly you begin to see a return on your investment.

“doing point of sale” without branding it

Sticking prices next to products without having your brand on the price, the display section, the bay or somewhere near could bring us to tears. Yes, your customers want to know the price and they know which shop they’re in because they walked in there themselves. However, you are not selling just that product. You are selling your own brand experience with that product. Whether it’s cost savings, quality, service or anything else that you’ve built your brand on, always remind customers of what you stand for when they are deciding whether to part with their cash or not.   There are of course lots more, but for now we’re off to lie down in a well-lit room with some Halloween treats to recover. Let us know what your biggest marketing frights are in the comments or get in touch to see if you can spook us.

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