Workloads can increase in a second. Having the capacity of more than one marketing agency behind you can be priceless. Our focus on Midlands based clients means we’ve crossed paths with lots of our local competitors. We’ve found ways to deliver great work in collaboration, without stepping on anyone’s toes. Here’s our tips for getting your agencies to play nice together.

1. For larger projects brief them together

If you can create the time briefing both parties together means both teams hear the same message. You should also create space for them to flesh out exactly how they want to work together. Letting them define this for themselves means there’s a better chance they’ll stick to it.

2. Let them communicate directly

Clients can be nervous about letting marketing agencies communicate directly. So they insist all communications go through them. Soon they become a very busy messenger service. Decent agencies want long term client relationships. It’s not in their interest to discuss things they know they shouldn’t.

3. Don’t be an agony aunt

If one party feels the other is failing to deliver there’s a tendency to complain to the client. Don’t get caught up in the drama. Try asking things like “What can YOU do moving forward?” or “How can YOU work with them to stop that happening?” Eventually the complaining party will get the message and find their own solutions.

4. Request regular updates that involve everyone

Whether a formal meeting or a 15 minute phone call, getting both agencies to update you together has lots of benefits. Neither can blame the other for issues without an explanation. And it makes sure they are communicating with each other regularly. Finally it sets the tone that this a collaborative not a silo effort.

5. Tell them why you want them to work together

Obviously tact here is key. Take each agency aside and explain why you’ve chosen a joint  approach. No matter your reason, you are the client and they should welcome constructive feedback. Done with sensitivity having these conversations will help your agencies understand your needs and how to support you better.


Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments beneath.

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